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Words Are Not Enough…To Say “Thank You”

Memorial Day Image Over the past fourteen years, it has been my privilege to pastor in a city with a military installation. This is my first pastorate with a concentration of military families. Although I have always been patriotic and held a great respect for our soldiers, the past fourteen years have made it an even greater admiration.

Although Memorial Day is about remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I also want to commend those who are currently serving. The soldiers I have met are second-to-none. They willingly joined with a firm commitment to serving their country. They made a conscious choice to leave the security of home and family. They purposely chose an occupation that is fraught with danger and risk. They knowingly chose a vocation that could possibly require of them the ultimate sacrifice. Yet, they have not shirked from their duty.

I have seen the tears of families as they say “Good-bye” to a loved one as they leave for an extended time of deployment. I have witnessed the difficulties that come from the absence of that loved one as he unwaveringly …

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Graphic on Grace

Because of the proliferation of social media in our culture, the masses now have world-wide venues to share opinions, thoughts, ideas and more.  In the theological realm, it is no different.  One of the hot topics in theology threads appears

The Morning I Barked Back

Barking Dog

BARK, BARK! What was that? Yes, it was 11:30pm, and I had been abruptly awakened by the barking of the dog in the next room. I pulled the pillow over my ears and drifted back into sleep. Yet, sleep was soon to become evasive. The dog heralded the arrival of 2:00am…

The Journeys of Life

Pastor Wynn

This post is a little bit unusual, in that it is a personal reflection.  This past week marked my 57th year of life.  At age 57, I have outlived my dad by six years.  It has given me the proverbial


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